It's Me 247 Bill Pay (Person to Person Transfers)

With the native It's Me 247 bill pay, your bill pay features are built right into online banking.  If your credit union is using this solution, you will be able to make a payment, view payment history and add a payee - all without leaving It's Me 247.


If your credit union is using a third-party bill pay solution, you will not have bill pay features built into online banking and this page does not apply.


Person to Person transfers allow you to send a transfer via email or text message.  This feature must be activated by your credit union.


Make a Person to Person (P2P) Transfer

  1. To make a P2P transfer select the Pay Anyone button from the Pay & Transfer drop-down menu. 



  1. On the screen enter the information needed to send a message to the recipient.  Under Send Method select either Email or Text Message.  Required information will be conditional based on this selection.   The Question and Answer section includes a space for you to enter a security question and its answer.   Only the question is sent to the recipient in the text or email.  For security purposes you must relay the answer yourself in a separate communication. 
  2. Once the information is entered, click the Send Payment button.
  3. A message is sent immediately to the recipient.  You will also receive a confirmation email.

Cancel a P2P Transfer

As long at the recipient has not yet collected on the P2P payment, the payment can be cancelled.


  1. To cancel a payment click the Payment History button.
  2. Click the red X next to the P2P transfer you wish to cancel.  (NOTE:  At this point the recipient has already been sent a message.)
  3. Both you and the recipient will receive notification that the transfer has been cancelled. 


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