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This page shows current balance information for all of your savings, checking, certificate, and loan accounts.


To quickly access the Account Summary from any page, click at the top of the page.


Click on any account suffix to view information about that account.  For a savings or checking account, you'll see the Account Details page showing transactions.  For a certificate or loan, you'll see some information about the account first (such as maturity date for a certificate, or amount due for a loan), then you can click a link to proceed to the Account Details transaction list.


To return to this page from other areas in online banking, click the It's Me 247 logo in the upper left corner of the screen.

Available Balance vs. Actual Balance

For savings, checking and certificate accounts, the "Available Balance" is the amount currently available for withdrawal from the account. The "Actual Balance" is the total amount on deposit in the account. These amounts could be different under certain circumstances, such as:



Special note regarding credit card accounts:  If you have paid extra money into your credit card account in order to temporarily increase the credit limit, then the summary will show your Balance as if it were a negative amount, like this:  ($500.00).  When you click on the account description to see more details about the account then you'll be able to see how this overpayment affects the funds that are available on your account.


Remember, you can use Contact Us to request a credit union representative to call or email you!

Regular Payment vs. Amount Due

For loan accounts, the "Regular Payment" is your normal scheduled payment amount. The "Amount Due" is the amount that is owed on or before the "Date Due" shown. This amount may be different from the regular payment if your payment is past due, or if you have already paid part of your next payment (where allowed).


The "Balance" represents the total balance owed on the loan as of today.   


For a current payoff amount, including all outstanding interest due as of today, click the account name to view the Loan Information page. Remember that if you want to mail a check to the credit union to pay off the loan, you should contact the credit union directly for the exact payoff amount taking into account any additional days of interest as appropriate.