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A username is used in place of the account number when you log into online banking.  This username is used in conjunction with a password and security question answer for a high level of security.  You may be required to set one up the first time you log into online banking or the next time you log into online banking after required usernames are activated by your credit union.  Once a username is created, you cannot use your account number to access your online account.


When creating a username, select a word or phrase that is meaningful to you.  Your username cannot contain your account number or your first or last name.   Your username can contain letters or a combination of letters and numbers.  Usernames are not case sensitive and can contain spaces.  They cannot contain special characters.  


You can change a username in the Info Center area/Username section.  You cannot clear your username.  You can only replace it with a different username.  If you have forgotten your username, contact your credit union.  


The only place a username can be created for a member is in online banking.  A credit union employee cannot create a username for you.