Specific Check Cleared

My Accounts > Cleared Checks


The "Check Cleared" feature lets you search to see if just one specific check has been cleared on your checking account.  This is a great feature to use before requesting a stop payment on a check, to make sure it has not already been posted to your account!   


First choose the checking account suffix from the drop-down list.  Then enter the check number. (It is not necessary to enter leading zeros; 123 is the same as 0123.) Then click the Find cleared check button.


You will either see information about when that check was cleared and the amount, or you will see the message: The requested check number has not cleared.  


Records about cleared checks are only retained for a short time, usually 90 days, so if the check cleared prior to that time, you will also get this same message.

Viewing Images of Cancelled Checks

If your credit union allows you to view and print copies of your cancelled checks you will see a button next to all check clearing transactions.


Click here for more information about this feature.