Setting Up Security Questions

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Security Questions are another way for us to verify your identity.  Think of it this way:  when you answer the questions correctly, we know it's really you.  


You will need to choose 3 questions from a list of over 30 choices.  If you wish, one of the questions can even be one that you make up yourself.   Then you provide answers to each of these questions.  


Answers can be anything you want, but remember that they should be easy for you to remember but difficult for someone else to guess.  You must use at least 3 characters and up to 30 characters, and you can include any letters, numbers, or special characters--even spaces are allowed.  Answers will NOT be case-sensitive, however.  


For example, your answer to the question "What is your favorite cartoon character?" could be set up as Daffy Duck.  Later, when you answer the question while logging in to online banking, you could type DAFFY DUCK or daffy duck or even DAFFY duck and it would be considered a correct answer.  But daffyduck (without the space) would not.


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