Savings/Checking Rate Board - View Rates Online

New Accounts > Shares


The Share "Rate Board" shows current rate and product information for your credit union's savings and checking accounts.


To view more information about a particular account, click on the description in the first column. A page will appear with important details about the benefits of this account and miscellaneous instructions from the credit union. (To return to the Rate Board, click the Back button at the bottom of that page.)


To open a savings or checking account, click the Open button for that product. Click here for more information about opening a savings or checking account on line.


If you do not see the Open button for the account in which you are interested, that particular account cannot be opened on line. Click the description to find out more details and instructions from the credit union on how to open that type of account.


You can also use Contact Us to ask a credit union member service representative to contact you directly!