Download Your Account Data

My Accounts > Downloads


The Account Downloads feature lets you select a batch of account transactions and create a special file that can be read by popular personal financial management software or a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel.  Choose an account from the drop-down list, select a range of dates and a file format, then click the Download selected file format button to proceed.


You can choose to launch the application and begin importing immediately, or save the file and import it manually later on in your chosen software application.

Supported File Formats


Quicken version 2006 and higher (.QFX format) and QuickBooks (.QBO format) require special license fees to use a proprietary file format. Contact the credit union if you are interested in having this feature activated


This procedure simply creates a file using a special format that can be read by the Money software. You must have either MS Money or Intuit Quicken in order to use the file created by this procedure.



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