Dividend and Interest Information

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Dividend/Interest Summary

The top section of this page (Active Accounts) shows all of the accounts that are currently open under this membership, with the amount of dividends or interest paid for the current year as well as last year.


If you closed an account at some point last year, dividends or interest paid for that account will be included in the bottom section (Accounts Closed). This section shows dividends or interest information for accounts closed during the previous year.


Remember that if you have more than one membership, the Dividends/Interest figures in these two sections include data for only for the membership you are currently viewing in online banking.

Previous Year IRS Info

The bottom section of the page shows the total amount of dividends, mortgage interest, and redeemed savings bond interest reportable to the IRS for the previous tax year.


IMPORTANT: Because tax information is reported according to Social Security number, this will include all of the accounts under your SSN, even if you have more than one membership.


If you opened your account during the current year, there will be no previous-year tax information on file for your SSN.