Request a Check Withdrawal

My Accounts > Check Withdrawal


The "Check Withdrawal" option is used to take funds from one of your accounts and issue a check, payable to you.  The check will be sent to the main address on file at the credit union for you.  (Click here to learn about issuing checks that are payable to a different person or address.)


If you do not see this option, contact your credit union and ask for it to be enabled. (Remember you can use the Request a Contact to ask a credit union member service representative to contact you.)


  1. Start by entering the amount for the check. (Click here for tips on entering dollar amounts.)

  2. Use the drop-down list to choose the account where the money should come from.  (The amount shown next to each account suffix is the total available for withdrawal from that account, including from line-of-credit loans.)  Click the Request the check button to display a confirmation screen.

  3. Double-check that all entries are correct, then click the Looks good, continue button.

  1. The "Check Request Successful" message will appear next.  This is simply a handy page showing the resulting balances in your account after the transfer was done.  


The credit union prints checks in a batch, usually once a day, and will mail the check directly to the address on your account. You should receive the check in a few days.

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