Account Detail

My Accounts > click on the name for any of your accounts

Or click on the It's Me 247 logo in the upper left corner of the screen to move directly to this page.


This page shows a history of transactions for your accounts.  Use the drop-down list at the top of the page to choose any account.  


Notice that the "Balance" column will show the balance that resulted from each individual transaction.  


Remember that when you display only certain types of transactions, this will not be a running balance from one transaction to the next.  To see a running balance in your account, click the Show search options button and clear this filter.

Displaying Only Certain Types of Transactions

Click "Show Search Options" to display only certain types of transactions in the list.  You can choose from the following options:  Number of items, transaction type, from date and to date.  To close the search fields, click the Hide search options button


After making your choice, click the View details button to refresh the list.

Displaying Transactions by Date

Your most recent transactions will be displayed automatically. To display a different set of transactions, use the From date and To date boxes to enter a range of dates.  

To do this, you can either click the calendar buttons to choose a date, or type the date using a format like this: 11/05/2014


After making your choice, click the View Details button to refresh the list.


To return to the original list, click the Show search options button, delete the dates from both boxes and click the View Details button again.


For some accounts you might only be able to go back a few months. The length of time that transaction history is available for display in online banking will vary depending on the type of account you're viewing.  

Viewing Images of Cancelled Checks

If your credit union allows you to view and print copies of your cancelled checks using the CheckViewer, you will see a button next to all check clearing transactions.  Click here for more information about this feature.

Printing Transactions

Use the printer symbol near to the top of the list to print the batch of transactions you are currently displaying, in the same sort order, using a separate window.

Viewing Principal Versus Interest Breakdown on a Loan Payment  

You can view what funds were used to pay principal versus interest on a loan payment.  The third line of the payment under the Description column (on a loan account summary screen only) shows the breakdown.  The payment toward principal is listed first, followed by the amount that went to pay off the interest of the loan.